Learning Arena 1 - Modul 7 Engine Lubrication

842 - Learning Arena 1 - Modul 7 Engine Lubrication

"touch and teach"
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Blended-learning-concept in conjunction with audiovisual media.
 worksheets, keys and didactical remarks and advice.
Work sheet CD is provided free of charge.

Learning arena 1

Module 7     Engine Lubrication

„touch and teach“  animations and teaching clips.
3 oil pumps in motion
oil container classification
experiments friction
experiments viscosity comparison
film excerpts "oil change" Hatee
oil pressure check
rotor oil pump animation
crescent oil pump animation
pressure relief valve oil filter animation
lubrication circuit operation temperature
lubrication circuit - 20 ºC animation
lubrication circuit clogged oil filter animation
crankcase ventilation animation
pumping piston rings animation
If they offer her schoolboys specialised English in motivating form.
They can change between the identical German and English modules easily.


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